Smoothie Recipe

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Smoothie Recipe

Post by baobabsuperfruit on Wed Mar 31, 2010 6:16 am

Yozuna’s Baobab and blueberry lift

Sharp, sweet, creamy, fragrant and smooth and let’s not forget, packed with antioxidants too!!
Serves 2.

This vitamin packed smoothie is like no other as it contains the fruit pulp of the baobab. ( The baobab tree is the oldest tree in Africa and is known as the tree of life or the upside down tree. The fruit is naturally rich in vitamin C, packed with dietary fibres and also has a prebiotic effect on your digestion

200ml apple juice
100ml natural yogurt
1 banana, frozen
180g blueberries
10-20g baobab fruit powder (
1 tsp flax seed (optional)

Add the yogurt and apple juice together in a food blender, and blitz until smooth. (Flax can be added now, however please note it may have a slight gritty texture when consumed but the health benefits are worth it.) Add banana, baobab powder and blueberries and blend until smooth. Pour into tall glasses. Enjoy straight away.

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Re: Smoothie Recipe

Post by LindaAlbert on Fri Mar 30, 2012 5:23 am

Sounds like a good smoothie...
Rich in minerals,proteins and other essential nutrients
Thanks Smile

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