Clumsy, weak and uncoordinated. Advice, please?

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Clumsy, weak and uncoordinated. Advice, please?

Post by Laney on Fri Mar 11, 2011 7:48 pm


I feel like a new born giraffe, and I move like one. I tend to hunch over and I lose my balance just walking down the street. I feel insubstantial and weak and wobbly, all the time. I don’t even feel balanced stood in one spot. I don’t feel comfortable however I position my body, stood or sat. I am hyper-aware of my body, but at a loss with what to do with it.

I work in a busy bar and I experience the following on a daily basis:

1) People treat me like I’m a prepubescent girl, not a woman; the police came in yesterday to do a licence check and ID’ed me to serve drinks!
2) I am clumsy and uncoordinated; I’m like a pinball bumping from one thing to the next and constantly tripping over my own feet, my surroundings and the other staff. People bump into me and I go flying.
3) Because I seem to get in the way, despite there not being a lot of me, I hunch and try to make myself smaller so there’s less of me to get in the way.

I thought putting on weight would make me feel more grounded and have more presence, but it just felt even more uncomfortable, like I was constantly wearing a fat suit. Also, it was unhealthy, expensive and left me feeling sluggish and constantly tired and bloated and so full I felt ill and lazy.

I just want to improve my balance, strength and ‘spatial confidence’.

I do not get tired easily. I can walk forever and never get out of breath. I can run without getting tired…I just look and feel uncoordinated while I do it. I have visible bicep and thigh muscles because of my job. I am flexible…

Any idea, guys?

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Re: Clumsy, weak and uncoordinated. Advice, please?

Post by Faji on Wed Mar 16, 2011 6:24 am

That is really aww ful . . . !!!
I got no idea to share with you , but becoming fat thing was completely wrong . Hope someone could help you .

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