Karkadaka the right time for Ayurvedic treatment

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Karkadaka the right time for Ayurvedic treatment

Post by Fostere21 on Thu May 26, 2011 10:53 am

What is the peculiarity of the Malayalam month, Karkataka, which starts in mid-July and ends in mid-August? Many may come up with different answers. For some it is the Ramayana month, in which the epic Ramayana is read out in houses and temples. To some others, the month is significant because of the Karkadaka Vavu bali, the ritual performed for the deceased ancestors. Yet some others consider it a romantic/irritating month with rains at its peak in Kerala.

And there is one more peculiarity for the month of Karkadaka. It is none other than its association with Ayurveda, the traditional healthcare system of India. According to Kerala tradition, the month is set apart for rejuvenating your body through various Ayurvedic therapies, which include massaging the body with natural herbal oils (uzhichil) and taking the porridge (Karkataka kanji) made of Ayurvedic medicines.

The effect of Ayurvedic treatment this month is so renowned that not even the Malayalis but many foreigners from different continents insist on undergoing Ayurvedic therapies in Karkatakam. The ayurveda resorts kerala make all the arrangements to provide the necessary Ayurvedic healthcare packages to the visitors. The packages are mainly based on the preventive therapies and a visit through the Ayurveda resorts Kerala in the month of July/August will make you aware of the widespread popularity of these programmes.

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