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balance your nervous system Empty balance your nervous system

Post by SSquare on Fri Dec 16, 2011 11:01 pm

Neurofeedback helps you balance your nervous system so you can operate at your peak.

We have programmes for everyone; to enhance overall performance, to develop greater emotional stability, or to reduce symptoms for particular condition. Though people may come in for one problem, they often find a range of benefits in other areas.

We begin by building a solid mental foundation. We then address functional issues, trauma, emotional balance, concentration, and fine tuning according to your goals. Lastly, performance enhancement work to realise your full potential.

From its start over 40 years ago, neurofeedback rejected the mainstream approach toward a model of natural balance and self-regulation. This revolutionary approach makes neurofeedback relevant to a wide range of people, and applicable to a broad spectrum of conditions.
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