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The FitBrit Challenge for men Empty The FitBrit Challenge for men

Post by Bradley29 on Mon Feb 13, 2012 2:10 pm

Men's Fitness and Fitness First bring the Fitbrit Challenge! 2011 overall winner was Richard Vint who completed the workout in an amazing time of 10 minutes 22 seconds.
The aim is to complete the following exercise routine in as quick a time as possible:-

Here is a list of the exercises you need to do

1. Row – Men 500m
Set the rower to level 10. The clock starts when you begin your first stroke.
It doesn’t count if… you put the handle down before the meter shows your required distance.

2. Seated Shoulder Press – Men 20kg Barbell 30 reps
Sit on a bench and press the bar from chin height until it is fully extended over your head.
It doesn’t count if... you don’t use the full range of motion for each rep

3. Bunny hops – Men 30 reps
Place your hands on one end of the benchand jump over it from side to side, keeping your feet together.
It doesn’t count if… you don’t launch and land with both feet together

4. Bike – Men 3km
Set the bike to any resistance. The ‘sprint-and-freewheel’ style of riding is NOT acceptable.
It doesn’t count if… you get off the bike before the meter reads the required distance

5. Press-ups- Men 30 reps
Keep your hands shoulder-width apart and body straight. Bend your elbows until your chest is a fist-width from the floor then push back up until your arms are straight. Women can rest on their knees.
It doesn’t count if… you’re more than a fist-width’s height above the floor at the bottom of the move
Make sure you warm up and stretch, and at the end cool down and stretch

6. Box- Jumps – Men 30 reps
Stand astride a Reebok Deck set to full height. Jump with both feet onto the surface of the deck and back down as quickly as you can.
It doesn’t count if… your feet don’t land on top of the deck (tapping the sides isn’t good enough).

7. Squats – Men 20kg Barbell 30 reps
Hold the bar across the back of your shoulders and stand in front of the bench. Squat down until your backside touches the bench.
It doesn’t count if… you don’t squat low enough to touch the bench or go to stand fully afterwards.

8. Run – Men 1 km
Get on the treadmill and set it to any speed you can manage. Your time finishes as soon as you reach the required distance.
It doesn’t count if… you hold on with your hands at any time.

Please make sure you warm up and stretch off first before you give this routine a try and don’t forget to have a cool down and stretch afterwards. Top tip have water and fruit on standby for when you finish.

Go on give it a go and see what time you can get you might just surprise yourself !!

Take the challenge at

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