my knee is working against me...

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my knee is working against me... Empty my knee is working against me...

Post by david.ran on Tue May 15, 2012 3:06 pm

Hi all,
about a year ago i was involved in a bicycle accident and since then i have chronic pain in my knee.
i have seen 4 different orthopedic specialists and obviously gone through all the x-rays and CTs one man can.
my neighbor recommended i try acupuncture, and i did but it was too much of a hassle and the relief it gave was very minimal.
i have tried many different types of pain relief medicine but they just dissociate me from my surroundings.
at the moment i am treated at the local pain clinic but nothing has helped reduce the pain in my knee.
does any one have any useful alternative pain reduction methods?
maybe something that can be applied within the comfort of my home
thank you

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