Beyond Comfort Zones

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Beyond Comfort Zones

Post by innersky23 on Tue Jul 17, 2012 10:27 pm

Who wants to be uncomfortable? NOBODY!
But being uncomfortable in a constructive sense, means that youíre developing and growing!

Itís true.
Letís illustrate this.
Hereís an example of two people. One by the name of Jerry, and the other by the name of Bill.

Example 1: BILL
Bill dreams of a great social life. Bill also has social anxiety and is scared stiff in approaching other people. He canít do this when grocery shopping, when taking his kids to a soccer game, or even when wanting to ask a girl out on a date. Bill also avoids picking up phone calls, and goes out his way to not make friends. Heís had a gym membership for 3 years and has only gone 10 times! He hates doing anything social and would rather be comfortable and safe at home.

Example 2: JERRY
Jerry also has social anxiety, and has the same fears as Bill.
Jerry has been doing research on his anxieties, and is determined to change his life. He knows that he canít achieve his life goals or dreams without other people. So, he makes it a goal to see as many people as possible. He purposely works out at the gym every day in the afternoon during rush hour. He makes it a goal to say hi to 5 people a day, and start conversations with 2 of them. He signed up for classes at his gym; Yoga and Weight Training. Jerryís even made a facebook page. Heís doing all he can to improve his chances of success in creating his dream social life.

Now, who do you think will achieve SUCCESS faster?

Of course, Jerry! Heís modified his environment with desire boosters, and made a commitment to change his mind set in regards to people and socializing. Whereas Bill is hung up in his old ways and is resistant to change.
Getting out of your comfort zone may be uncomfortable now, but the more uncomfortable you get now the more comfortable youíll be later!

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