London 2 Brighton Challenge 2013

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London 2 Brighton Challenge 2013

Post by ActionChallenge on Wed Sep 12, 2012 3:26 am

Hello everyone,

The London 2 Brighton Challenge is back, ready for the bank holiday in May 2013. It's an incredible event, that was very successful last year - we together raised over 1 million for UK charities. It's the ultimate test for those interested in measuring their fitness. You can take part in this Ultra Marathon, trying to run it in around 15 hours. The record is 11 hours 26 minutes. It's there to be broken...

100km is a long way but very achievable. Either choose to walk it or run it, or even mix it up a bit. You can enter independently or as a team, either way you get full pre, during and post-event support.

For those that took part in our Challenge this year, what did you think? Would you recommend it to people?

Look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions. Hope to see you join us in this incredible challenge, and to raise lots of money for charity! If you have any questions, ask us on here and we'll get back to you.

Action Challenge

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