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6 Ways to Get Your Couch Potato Moving

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6 Ways to Get Your Couch Potato Moving Empty 6 Ways to Get Your Couch Potato Moving

Post by mairi1 on Tue Apr 09, 2013 3:34 pm

The Age of Computers and Television has also become the Age of the Couch Potato. Instead of running outside to play, our kids choose to sit down and text. I believe that inside every couch potato there is an active child waiting to get out. All she or he needs are some fun ideas and a little encouragement. Here are some tips to help you and your kids get moving!

1. First and Foremost, Set a Good Example
Kids of all ages get their cues from their parents. Therefore, if you want an active child, you need to be active yourself. If you consider exercise a burden or skip it altogether, you are sending your child a clear message. On the other hand, if your child sees you enjoying exercise, he will be more likely to want to exercise himself. Be sure to talk about physical activity as an opportunity to take care of your body, rather than as a punishment or a chore.

2. Limit Screen Time
A surefire way to increase your child's activity level is to limit the amount of time your child spends watching TV, chatting on the computer, and playing video games. Pediatricians recommend less than two hours of “screen time” a day. Parents are often unaware of exactly how many hours their kids spend in front of some sort of screen. So set limits and monitor your kids’ time. When they have reached their limit, turn off the tube and send your kids outside to play.

3. Establish a Routine
Set aside time each day for physical activity. Kids are more likely to exercise when it is part of their regular schedule. Think about your child’s week and pick set times to be active. Get up early with your child to walk the dog, take a jog together after dinner, or plan active family outings on the weekends. The key is to set a schedule and to stick to it.

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