creating a good recipe for breakfast

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creating a good recipe for breakfast

Post by surcalifas on Tue Aug 23, 2011 12:58 am

Just want to share to you guys some new recipe for a good healthy breakfast. Wholegrain British jumbo oats with live low-fat probiotic yoghurt and fruit... This product is called Moma - it is very delicious!
Low-fat natural probiotic yoghurt (35%), pure apple juice from concentrate (22%), Mornflake British Oats (21%), strawberries (11%), bananas (6%), agave nectar, rice starch, lemon juice
Contains: gluten, cows' milk
Suitable for vegetarians

MOMA is quite simply the best breakfast. It's healthy, 100% natural, fills you up and keeps you going, and is absolutely delicious. Don't worry about all the great tastes and flavours going to your waist either, MOMA is designed to beat the belly bloats with healthy & natural ingredients.

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